Hi! I’m Jess…

I initially found yoga through my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practice in 2016. I had every intention of beginning my practice with the purpose of increasing flexibility in order to be more efficient in BJJ. Prior to my YTT, I had only practiced yoga 3 times in college and had very little knowledge in the art. Little did I know, yoga would change my entire trajectory of life. Through yoga, I was able to connect with (and trust) the freedom in my heart to dive headfirst into my aspirations. After I finished my YTT, I left my career in technology and began living my life according to my dharma or life’s vocation.

I currently offer classes at The Body Electric Yoga Company.



I completed my YTT in 2016 at Bella Prana with Marley Vigdorth, Roni Sloman, and Shelly Happel. In 2017, I completed an additional 100 hours of training with Marley Vigdorth.

Teaching Style

Drawn to a vinyasa practice filled with a heart-centered intention, I love sharing the ancient practice of yoga with yogis of all skill-levels. My classes are Bhakti in nature: dynamic vinyasa with yogic philosophy, mantra, and meditation infused throughout. I encourage students to embrace both the physical practice of yoga and the unlimited mental benefits of the art. Although I specialize in vinyasa, I also teach beginners and restorative classes.