Wild Hearted Yoga

To take the world into one’s arms and act towards it in a soul-filled and soul-strengthening manner is a powerful act of wildish spirit. 

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés

At its heart, the word yoga simply means a union. Through the practice of this ancient art, we are offered the opportunity to meet ourselves in a way that unifies body and spirit. The moment that we extend ourselves beyond the physical practice of yoga is the moment where spiritual growth resides. Within the breath, we honor our bodies. Within the present, we honor our wild hearts and spirit.


  • Jess’ classes are the perfect blend of relaxation and strength. She leads with grace, accommodates all levels, and always includes an extra special touch (literally!) of supportive assists. After taking her studio class, I knew she’d be the perfect instructor to lead our first in-office yoga event. She catered to a range of abilities and taught a gentle flow that was custom to our needs (ending with a guided meditation). She took the time to visit the office beforehand so the day-of was a breeze. Jess provided music, essential oils, and a sound bowl for meditation. The event was a huge success and everyone is looking forward to the next class!


    Emily Joseph, Sparxoo

  • If you are looking to add a unique, soul inspiring flow to your yoga practice or a beautiful way to manifest abundance in your life, you must attend one of Jess’ Full Moon Flows. As the creator and founder of Mystic Meals Under the Moon, I was quite familiar with moon rituals and intention setting but I had yet to experience moon magic in a yoga practice. Jess’ moon flow marries yoga energy with moon energy for an uplifting, body-soul union.

    Jess’ loving energy and her knowledge of intention setting within the communion of others is one of the best ways to manifest intentions whether you are a novice or seasoned yogi/moon manifestor.


    Michele Gholson, The Whole Meal

  • Jessica has changed my life.  When I decided to try yoga (again- first time around was not a big fan) I was unsure if it would really be for me. I have lifted weights, boxed, done martial arts and Pilates over the years.   I have loved all of it for  what it’s done for me physically. I’m older with grown kids but still want to look but most importantly feel “good”. Could yoga do anything different? Wow, was I wrong.  Jessica has taught me more about my body, mind and soul than any other trainer I’ve ever had.  Why? Because she cares.  About you.  How you feel, what you need to achieve and what is best for you. She listens to you.  She is a beautiful special soul.  She is knowledgeable about the human body and makes sure to use that knowledge with each client. My husband has a long history of back pain and issues. She makes sure not to do anything to aggravate the injury  while at the same time helping him learn how to stretch and move his body.  I have learned the importance of breathing and listening to your body.  I could literally go on forever about how absolutely amazing Jessica is…. but honestly.. just take one hour of your life and meet her and train with her. Then you will understand this testimonial.  She is a very rare find….. I treasure her.