What is real devotion? It is not mindless adoration; it is not abdication of your responsibility to blindly following the whims of another. Real devotion is unbroken receptivity to the truth. Real devotion is rooted in an awed gratitude that is lucid and intelligent.

Sogyal Rimpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

The Practice of Comfortable Discomfort: Engaging in Anti-Racism Conversation

I first learned about this concept from Baron Baptiste. Inspired by the notion that yoga invites us to straddle the line between effort and ease, comfortable discomfort is one the most powerful tools yoga offers to its practitioners, both on and off the mat. Its application on the yoga mat is an invitation: are you […]

Resiliency in Heartbreak

How has the experience of heartbreak shown up in my life? Intentionally. I allow it to enter my life with full awareness and bare attention. I invite my heart to experience the heartbreak with the full intention of learning all that I can from it. I invite myself to bear witness in compassion. It’s an […]

Foreseeable Fate

Falling in love is like getting up into handstand: it takes a massive amount of vulnerability, fearlessness, and a willingness to tumble down over and over again. Although not everyone is willing to at least try, everyone has the capacity (in their own way) to do it. It’s a skill that refines itself over time. […]

The Webs We Weave

What happens to someone to reawaken them into life? For me, it was a traumatic and emotionally shattering experience with my father. Though heartbreaking, I’m grateful for the experience because it sent me into a deep need to understand myself, my tendencies, conditioning, unhealthy patterns, and so much more. Now I am not implying by […]